The Void


Year: 2016

Synopsis: A small group of people become trapped in a hospital surrounded by apparent cultists, and soon learn something stranger is happening.

• An ultimately effective journey into unknowable madness.
• The bizarre visuals and overall strong story help to make up for the film’s weaknesses.
• The plot twists were interesting and effective.
• The nostalgia toward some of the more surreal horror films of the 1980s, especially Hellraiser (1987), worked overall.

• Very slow at first, while the pacing felt somewhat disjointed.
• A little too close to the so-called pyramid power myth at times.
• Those unfamiliar with weird fiction might have felt cheated by the lack of understandable resolution.
• Not necessarily accessible to those that are not fans of weird fiction.

Like the best of weird fiction, we shake our heads at the end just like the (sort of) surviving protagonists. The trick is understanding that not everything can immediately be explained. That is the true horror of reality, beyond bad memories and mad scientists. We might seek to know what lives within the gaps of our understanding of reality, but we might learn how that truth was not something we ever really wanted to know. Yet, there are always those crazed few that embrace that horrid reality in weird fiction, leading to cosmic cults that do not really understand the fullness of what they are toying with. Interestingly, though, the mad scientist in The Void let himself change in ways that allowed him to understand. So, all he was really doing was letting himself go through bizarre experimentation of others. He might not have been out to destroy the world. And in his destruction, he won.

Rotten Tomatoes — 75%


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