waiting-posterYear: 2005

Synopsis: A day in the life of the quirky, short-tempered, and sometimes aimless employees of a restaurant aptly called Shenaniganz.

• All the actors, particularly Ryan Reynolds, elevated the sometimes shocking narrative.
• The distinct self-awareness balanced the sometimes intense cringe humor.
• Its humor went all the way with its sometimes dark, shocking, and delightfully non-PC nature.
• The two-faced nature of most of the characters would be quite familiar to anyone who has ever worked in the service industry.
• The somewhat dark heart of the story was well countered by showing it was possible to find a new and hopefully better path in life.

• The gross-out humor might be too much for some viewers.
• Much of the humor was genuinely mean spirited.
• One must wonder where the health inspector was throughout the entire film.

There was a kind of parodic realism to the film. Complaining about customers and bosses is a true past-time of those in the service industry (department stores, restaurants, etc.). We do not necessarily know what those waiters are saying about us at their stations, no matter how accurate. While most customers can be great people wanting to get out of the house for a while, it can be those horrid ones that stick out and make the employees think about doing exactly what Waiting depicted. Are waiters and cooks secretly doing unsanitary things to our orders? Hopefully not. But again, they might be thinking about it when we are not being nice to them. So, this film might be seen as a kind of fantasy-revenge film against all the horrible customers out there. Beyond that, though, the real message was to not only at least try to stand out in a noisy crowd, but also that finding new direction in life is possible.

Regardless, be nice to those waiting on you …

The Slammin’ Salmon

Rotten Tomatoes — 31%


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