Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

harold_26_kumar_go_to_white_castleYear: 2004

Synopsis: Harold and Kumar casually smoke some marijuana on a Friday evening, and soon find themselves on a surreal odyssey for an oversized meal at a White Castle.

• A genuinely fun journey with a greater purpose than it seemed at first.
• The cameos and supporting parts largely make up for any of the films weaknesses, particularly Neil Patrick Harris as a deranged version of himself.
• The direct discussion of race and the biases we all should overcome was largely affective.
• Much more than just an ad for a fast food restaurant that may or may not be near the viewer.

• Perhaps has way too many parodies strung together.
• The gross-out humor early in the film was a bit forced.
• Its overarching plot point of finding a White Castle might distract viewers disinterested in fast food or unfamiliar with White Castle.

This is the kind of film that had a very simple drive at its core: satisfying hunger. That primal need, no matter how artificially induced, might have once always led humans on possibly fatal odysseys for the sake of survival on a daily basis. That kind of journey still exists, but now has evolved challenges: more specialized hankerings, racist barriers, deranged movie stars. Harold and Kumar thrives on its parody of human need when it would otherwise be a string of nearly random events.

Rotten Tomatoes — 74%


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