The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot

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Synopsis: Five, well, four, well, three of the actors from Doctor Who’s Classic Era find a way to be a part of the 50th Anniversary Special, “The Day of the Doctor.”

• A kind hearted roasting of everything Doctor Who over the past fifty years, particularly the production changes and how impossible it was at times to bring multiple Doctors together. And as a possibly unintentional proof, Paul McGann’s secret filming of “Night of the Doctor” happened around the same time.
• Everyone involved clearly had a lot of fun parodying themselves, while hilariously comparing the old and new eras of the show. Wiggling sets were an unintentional recurring element in the Classic Era since the disastrous original pilot.
• Now former show runner Steven Moffat as the primary antagonist hilariously counterbalanced the caricatured versions of the cast. Luckily, no one saw him playing with his dolls again!
• Created the parodic conspiracy theory that three former Doctors of the Classic Era succeeded in finding a way into the Anniversary Special.
• Surreally breaks the fourth wall via the apparent awareness of background music changes and “making of” filming.

• Runs a bit on fumes near the end.

Anniversary Specials have a long tradition with Doctor Who, but after fifty years, even thinking about having every former Doctor appear became moot. So, it was unsurprising for none of the pre-2005 actors to have a part in the special. “Five(ish) Doctors” simply writes itself. The best jokes were likely far closer to the truth of how all these actors felt by 2013 toward the show. They do not really have anything against the new show, but that sense of a time long past was and is certainly there. There are indeed fans of the show now that shrug off just about everything about the show before its revival, even though the classic episodes are referenced all the time in some way. “The Five(ish) Doctors” reboot was the perfect companion to “The Day of the Doctor” of a show that never took itself that seriously.

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Doctor Who: Classic Era

Doctor Who: Wilderness Era

50th Anniversary Specials

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