Time Crash

10th_title_hdYear: 2007

Synopsis: The time-streams of the Fifth and Tenth Doctor momentarily collide, leading to the possible creation of a powerful blackhole the exact size of Belgium.

• The shortest yet easily one of the best multi-Doctor stories.
• The temporally transcendent self-deprecation was perfectly executed.
• Helps to narratively bridge the Revived Era with the Classic Era.
• Writer Steven Moffat clearly loves the Fifth Doctor.

• Perhaps too short, considering how well Tennent (Ten) and Davidson (Five) worked on screen.
• No real sense of peril.

“What have you done to my TARDIS? You’ve changed the desktop theme, haven’t you? What’s this one? Coral? It’s worse than the leopard skin …” The Fifth Doctor

When Russel T. Davies helped bring the show back to the world, he opted for continuation instead of reboot, but his direction of the show was a bit different from his predecessors. This quick special helped to alleviate those narrative shifts by almost literally pulling the Fifth Doctor into the future. Perhaps it was Davidson’s continued brilliance as an actor, but he did not look all that out of place in the heavily redecorated console room of the Tenth Doctor. The two incarnations humorously bounced off of each other as always happened in multi-Doctor stories before and since. It was a quick and wonderful moment in the Doctor’s continuing story.

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