Game Night

Game_Night_(film)Year: 2018

Synopsis: Kicking their game night up a notch, a group of eccentric suburbanites begin a night with a scripted murder mystery that quickly becomes an actual crime thriller.

• A well acted dark comedy that keeps the viewer off their guard via overlapping schemes.
• The continuous pacing kept the guilty laughs coming.
• Had a surprising degree of realism regarding trivia loving suburbanites forced into an action plot instead of explaining one.
• An at times surreal Hitchcockian farce.
• Discussed quite directly the difference between wisdom and intelligence.
• Genuinely interesting to see trivia-laden minds applied to a “real” situation.

• Some of the darkest humor might not be for everybody.
• The coincidences might seem too unlikely.

Hitchcock was not known for his comedies, but his legacy is not hard to see in Game Night. Coincidences, double-identities, red herrings are all apparent in this film. Even mistaken identity is there, albeit to a lesser extent. The film has a lot in common with The Man Who Knew too Little (1997), which also featured a protagonist caught up in a “real” plot thought to be some scripted game. At least in Game Night, the protagonists eventually figure out it became real, well, most of it, and much of the initial humor in the main plot was them assuming it was not. They were no action heroes, but their ridiculous trivia knowledge played key roles in their survival. Google seemed to play key roles, too. Yet, again, they were no action heroes, and noticing things like exit wounds were not second nature. And perhaps they were given the chance to do it all over again …

The Man Who Knew too Little

Official Website

Rotten Tomatoes — 83%


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