Thor: Ragnarok

thor_ragnarok_posterYear: 2017

Synopsis: Thor finds the Hulk while trapped on the planet Sakaar, learns were his power truly resides, and deals with the coming Asgardian Apocalypse, Ragnarok.

• The best of the Thor films, and one of the best ever made up to this point in the MCU.
• Perfectly casted and acted.
• Cate Blanchett as the nihilistic Hella may be the best villain up to this point in the MCU.
• Learning from its predecessor and Guardians of the Galaxy films, the wit and the epic scale came together seamlessly.
• An incredible attention to detail in spite of its scope.

• Sometimes felt on the edge of running out of steam.

After the almost too dark The Dark World (2013), Ragnarok was the fun superhero film we were all begging for. This was not a vehicle for yet another Infinity Stone, and far more than a “moving along” plot. The whole Asgardian race came to deal with the sins and choices of their long-time king, Odin. They paid dearly, but Odin ensured his people would survive. More than along for the ride, Hulk/Bruce Banner plays a pivotal role, while we finally see more than just smash. The film ends with an uncertain future for all those that survived, but considering the alternative, the universe seemed still in a strong place for the inevitable confrontation with epic-villain Thanos.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Official Website

Rotten Tomatoes — 92%


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