Spider-Man: Homecoming

spider-man_homecoming_posterYear: 2017

Synopsis: Peter Parker (Spider-Man) tries to balance his life as a superhero and high schooler — with and without Tony Stark’s help — while crossing paths with the Vulture.

• Overcomes the tiresome concept of being a reboot of a reboot by easily being the best Spider-Man film ever made.
• Tom Holland is perfect in the Spider-Man role.
• Michael Keaton’s against-type performance as the main antagonist, Vulture, was truly great.
• Stands on its own, while playfully bouncing off the positive energy of the matured MCU.
• Tony Stark was genuinely interesting as the frustrating father figure that is not really interested in being so.

• Viewers may sometimes find themselves thinking how the lackluster performance of the prior Spider-Man reboot led to the character’s inclusion into the MCU.

“Homecoming” is perhaps the perfect subtitle for this film. The character was an integral part of the universe in the comics, yet Spider-Man film rights were in the hands of Sony (still technically is). Homecoming overshadows its predecessors, even though one may easily think about how they failed to stand on their own in the long run. Spider-Man simply feels at home in the MCU. It all just makes that much more sense. As a solo incarnation, one must wonder where he had the resources to even make his super-suit, or why he was practically alone in being a superhero. Those issues often are glazed over in superhero films of old almost out of habit. Yet, within the MCU, everything is much clearer. Peter has an “internship” with billionaire-inventor-playboy-superhero Stark, as Peter is one of many superheroes. Sony agreeing to let the MCU integrate the character was easily the best production moment for the MCU and fans.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

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Rotten Tomatoes — 92%


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