coneheads_posterYear: 1993

Synopsis: Beldar, Fuel Survey Underlord of the Wilderness Planet at the end of the Noctolium Solar Chain, is tasked with enslaving humans so that the Earth may be turned into a refueling station. Unfortunately, Beldar’s incompetence upon arrival led to him and his life-mate, Prymaat, living on Earth for many years as illegal aliens from another planet, becoming parental units in that time.

• Went all the way bizarre in the subtly madcap story.
• All the very talented comedians involved had way too much fun.
• One of the best SNL sketch adaptations.
• People’s reactions to the Coneheads are always hilarious, especially when most pretend to not notice their heads.
• Strangely more relevant today than the early 1990s, with the continuing controversies over present immigration policies, which are almost too similar to Seedling’s ideas.

• Quite ridiculous at times.
• The overall story is somewhat absurd, especially with how easily they blended in as human US citizens.

Most SNL adaptions are not good films, but while not a classic, Coneheads should be counted as one of the good ones. It was built to not really care about how others felt about it, as the Coneheads themselves never seemed to care how others thought about them beyond the ruse of being “human.” There were more similarities than differences between the two peoples. There was a lot of Star Trek in this film, especially with the suggestion that it should not be hard to accept people we may think of as strange at first. All immigrants have their reasons for leaving their home, and it often has little to do with what they want. Beldar and Prymaat needed to survive in America for many years, because they had no immediate means of going home. It is easy to see stories not dissimilar in all the potential human immigrants shown in the film. OK, sure, Beldar and Prymaat did not originally come to America and the Earth to become part of human society, but they came to realize it was better to leave the Earth alone, for the sake of their child. Coneheads is an often overlooked sci-fi comedy that has much more depth than what may be gleaned at first glance.

Rotten Tomatoes — 33%


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