Westworld (TV Series)

westworld_28tv_series29_title_cardYears: 2016 — Present

Synopsis: The series centers around the western themed park populated by androids (hosts), and the philosophical debates surrounding the nature of one’s reality.

• A well acted and complexly written storyline.
• Takes the best of the films and short-lived TV series that preceded it.
• Easily one of the deepest philosophical shows ever created.
• The nonlinear and unreliable narrative elements can keep the viewer perfectly off their guard.
• Fully relatable to our contemporary world, particularly how people can be on social media and how social media can secretly collect massive amounts of data on people.

• Can be hard to follow if not watched closely.
• Perhaps too intricate at times.
• The show was never for those simply looking for mindless fun, even though the Westworld theme park was often ironically used as such in the show.

“Are you real?”/”If you can’t tell, does it really matter?” That line is the true core of the show and the films the preceded it. Questioning the nature of our reality might be the core of consciousness, yet we might not truly know if that is how we were supposed to think all along. Fate versus free will has always been a conundrum for humans, but we keep moving forward regardless. We may want to find the limits of our reality, but our lives strangely always get in the way. Legion (2017 – present) is one of the few other shows on now that truly dive into the mind-destroying concepts surrounding what our reality actually is. Are we more than a set of electrical impulses that might not be that different from that cellphone before our faces right now? We assume we are.

It is hard to accurately describe Westworld, because the show is a reflection of humanity. Like in The Big Lebowski (1998), we move forward from one seemingly disparate narrative to another, sometimes wanting to understand more and sometimes not. Even though the narrative might have already been written, the future of the show is as uncertain as our own.

Westworld (1973)
Futureworld (1976)

Rotten Tomatoes —
S1 – 88%
S2 – 89%
S3 – TBD



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