Monty Python and the Holy Grail

monty-python-1975-posterYear: 1975

Synopsis: What is the secret of the grail? Who does it serve? / You, my lord. / Who am I? / You are my lord and king. You are Monty Python. / Have you found the secret that I have lost? / Yes! You and the comedy are one.

• Perhaps one of the best intelligently stupid slapstick comedy films ever made.
• Many lines are as quotable as they are timelessly funny.
• Wonderfully self-aware writing that thinks forth walls are a silly limitation.
• Tim the Enchanter, the Black Knight, Rabbit of Caerbannog, an endless array of randomly fun characters.
• All the Pythons doing what they do best.

• Maybe a bit too silly for its own good at times.

This is a film that had segments I learned of long before I even saw it for the first time who knows how long ago. The Black Knight bit specifically was recreated in a school play I was involved in, making me want to see the film that spawned it. Monty Python’s humor touches something deep seated within me. The randomness, the surrealness, the self-awareness, the britishness, the oh, let’s just get on with it! It’s all here in their seemingly endless quest for the Holy Grail, and the coconuts, too. Was the Holy Grail actually at the Castle of Aarrgh under the protection of the French? There’s no need to ask, because King Arthur and his Knights all were arrested for this silliness.

Rotten Tomatoes — 97%


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