Years: 2017 – Present


Synopsis: Spanning at least three generations, the town of Winden in Germany is darkly twisted in ways unknowing, subtle, and bizarre by a cave-dwelling wormhole connecting multiple points in time.


• It is all an illusion –
• The story is both deep and rich in its time travel mythology, which has rather gothic undertones.
• Plays with the primal fears of loss, darkness, and the uncontrollable.
• In some ways, this is a more adult version of Back to the Future (1985, 1989, 1990), which also spanned specific points in the history of a specific place.
• Everyone is affected negatively by the wormhole in some way, while different factions utilize it for their own mysterious ends.
• Though its actions and effects are seemingly mapped out by the factions utilizing it, the wormhole is depicted in a believable way that would be unpredictable to those of a linear timeline.
• The theme music “Goodby” by Apparat is hauntingly perfect.
• – time as we know it.


• Even though it makes sense in the context of the story, there are no likable characters.
• The English dubbing is weak, and should be watched with the actual German audio with subtitles.
• Can be a little difficult to follow the characters from different points in their lives at first.
• Too easily compared to Stranger Things (2016-present), when the two shows have little in common.


Time travel storylines are not new (Doctor Who, Back to the Future, Star Trek, MCU, Marvel X-Men, and so forth), including ones that deal with meeting your own ancestors, yourself, or your parents. What is always interesting is to see how the storyline plays out, because of the story’s nonlinear nature. A de-facto theme in time travel stories is how the time shifting can negatively affect ones psyche. Do they embrace the improbable possibilities? Do they loose their minds? Dark portrays all of that in one way or another. However, the true uniqueness is how it tries to make the viewer loose their minds. We are pulled from one interconnected moment to another — the future often affecting the past, while we learn why we hate all the characters. Everyone is twisted, but not all of them understand why. We keep watching, because the “why” of it all is never where or when we expect it.

Official Website

Rotten Tomatoes 
Cycle 1 — 86%
Cycle 2 — 100%
Cycle 3 — TBD


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