Jessica Jones


Years: 2015 – Present

Synopsis: The series centers on superhero turned alcoholic private detective Jessica Jones, whose painful past constantly threatens to destroy her.

• Krysten Ritter plays the dark and reluctant antihero perfectly, and David Tennent is horrifying in the first season as mind-controller Kilgrave.
• Harsh and direct, we find ourselves feeling for Jones, even if she doesn’t want to feel anything anymore.
• Jones is easily one of the darkest and most real of all the characters in the MCU.
• Introduction of characters like Luke Cage showed the strong future for the Defenders series within the MCU.

• The harsh themes of kidnapping, rape, and PTSD might be too hard for some to watch
• The second season is a bit weaker with Kilgrave as merely a dark manifestation of guilt.

“With great power comes great mental instability.” This is easily the most unique storyline within the MCU. While Iron Man’s story arc has dealt with some similar themes, Jessica Jones is directly a story about how one must deal with a hard past before it destroys them. As a result, Jones is perhaps the perfect example of an antihero, who is only choices. Antiheroes will choose to help instead of destroy, even if what they have to do may break them further. Jones has a good heart that was nearly destroyed by her kidnapper Killgrave prior to the main events of the show. We feel for her, even though she tries too hard not to feel anything at times. The series perhaps not so coincidentally foreshadowed the long overdue #MeToo movement as a result of discussing Jones’ prolonged experiences that may forever haunt her. Jessica Jones can be hard to watch, but we must choose to see how she survives.

4/25/2019 Update: Like the other Netflix-Marvel offerings, Jessica Jones will not be continuing on Netflix past the coming season. However, nothing is ever truly forgotten or lost. Hulu appears more than open to expanding its Marvel offerings. With them now majority own by Disney post Fox buyout, they are primed to show the more adult oriented offerings Disney+ will not offer. If this possibility of continuation comes to fruition, there will be an extra year wait for new episodes, per deal with Netflix.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Official Website

Rotten Tomatoes
S1 — 92%
S2 — 87%


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