ant-man_posterYear: 2015

Synopsis: The quirky Scott Lang fails to hold down a steady job due to his criminal record, and ends up unexpectedly stealing a size changing super-suit seemingly by accident.

• Perfectly cast, while they are all clearly enjoying themselves.
• Fun and subtly self-aware story.
• The connection to SHIELD and especially Agent Peggy Carter is more than welcome.

• Ant-Man as a storyline might be a bit too ridiculous for some.
• Fairly standard origin story that feels like a miniaturized Iron Man (2008) at times.
• Feels more like a mini-epilogue, being the last film in MCU Phase 2.

It turns out the Ant-Man was one of the first Avengers in the comics, but I admit to only knowing about the character by proxy. In fact, my old roommate in undergrad used the character as an example of how Avengers storylines can be used to reduce an overcrowded field of characters, Ant-Man being killed in one. Of course, no one truly dies in these kinds of stories, so it seems he may also be used as an example of that as well, having returned from one means or another.

Regardless, Ant-Man might not have worked smoothly in Phase One, because of the somewhat more serious undertones. The first Avengers (2012) already had more superheroes than the average superhero story as well. It honestly seems hard to say when or where Ant-Man would fit best in the way the series ran into Phase Two. So, perhaps there was no right answer, but assuming he was in the grander scheme of ultimately fighting Thanos with the Avengers, as epilogue to Phase Two was best of no good positioning choices.

That is all not to say Ant-Man isn’t one of the most fun of all the MCU films, even though it feels almost an afterthought. It can be seen as unique in the MCU. There seems to be no other character that ridiculously controls ants and shrinks to ant size. Yet, he fits into that entertaining madness that is the MCU like he was always meant to be there. This film proves that it is not the size, but the significance.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Official Website

Rotten Tomatoes — 82%


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