christineposterYear: 1983

Synopsis: A high schooler finds a vintage Plymouth Fury, which turns out to be sentient and very sensitive.

• John Carpenter and Stephen King is a remarkably strong mix.
• Harry Dean Stanton.
• Plays on primal emotions such as loss of control, the psychopathy of love, and revenge.

• The story is somewhat predictable, as it could only end in the dark way it did.
• The underlying revenge plot is overused.

There is nothing quite like your first car. It could have been a brand new Ferrari, a vintage Plymouth Fury with personality, or a rusting 1995 Saturn SL2. The make and model can become meaningless when we finally have something we can call our own that can bring us anywhere. That feeling is the true selfish heart of Christine.

This film is a confluence of several things that seemed meant for each other: Carpenter, King, nostalgia, primal feelings, unexplained horror. It all comes together here in a direct and uncompromising way that is interesting to watch decades later. We have cars now that can drive themselves, albeit without the sensitive and short-tempered personality of the Fury, Christine. There is indeed both excitement and distrust of letting the once controlled act on its own. That is why this cult film has aged so well, and is perhaps more understandable in a world were some people pour their soul into autonomous technology and others seek to fight against it.

Rotten Tomatoes — 69%


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