One Hour Photo

one_hour_photo_movieYear: 2002

Synopsis: One hour photo technician Sy Parrish is obsessed with the family of one of his customers, ostensively stalking them, and eventually learns his favorite family is not what he dreamed.

• Robin Williams’ disturbing performance as psychologically frail, psychopathic perfectionist Sy drives the film.
• The overall film is as surreal as it is subtle.

• Supporting characters in the film tend to be two dimensional.
• The overall thriller plot is too familiar, and there are few real twists to the genre.

This was a truly uncomfortable and disturbing film. The one hour photo station may now be a dark and forgotten corner in the local drug store today, but in 2002 before digital photography took hold, everyone went there with their half-remembered rolls of film. It is more than conceivable for the people behind those counters to know their customers in an almost intimate way. Yet, it was always a normal thing to go to that photo place, because few could develop their own film. Even worse, none of us ever really knew those technicians. That was the true strength of One Hour Photo: the story is horrifyingly plausible.

Official Website

Rotten Tomatoes: 81%


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