Old School

old_s_posterYear: 2003

Synopsis: Three thirty-somethings — with crumbling love lives — create a dubious fraternity to relive their far wilder college years.

A much smarter comedy than it pretends to be. The whole cast has a whole lot of fun with the ridiculousness. The parodic allusions to Fight Club (1999) strengthens the otherwise familiar narrative.

The humor may be too stupid for some at times. This is basically the same plot as Animal House (1978) and derivative films.

This is a cult film that has an undeniable charm. It is, at heart, a kind of fulfillment fantasy to rediscover a time tinted by nostalgia. Not everyone’s college life was as wild as depicted in Animal House, but there were certainly moments far more fun than whatever we found ourselves doing a decade or more later. That is why Animal House is still a classic depicting a feeling we all may want to revisit at times, and why that film’s plot is still emulated many decades later with varying success. Old School gives us that taste of nostalgia we all yearn for sometimes.

Rotten Tomatoes — 60%


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