Avengers: Age of Ultron


Year: 2015

Synopsis: The artificial intelligence Ultron comes into being with the understood purpose of bringing peace to the world, which it interprets as the need to exterminate the human race.

The whole cast is game for the familiar human vs machine storyline. Whedon-esque dialogue continues to be fun. The creation of Vision as a character that chooses to side with humans, even though he does not wholly disagree with Ultron’s sentiments.

A weaker story overall than the first Avengers (2012). Few real surprises in the well trodden plot. Has “middle story” narrative problems, in that we know most of the characters will continue past this film. Far less character development in a crowded screen.

On its own, Ultron was still one of the stronger films up to this point in the MCU. However, it was a film that had the hype of its predecessor, but probably did not fully deliver on that promise for some. Again, the human vs machine plot was and is old, and arguably has origins as far back as Fritz Lang’s Metropolis of 1927. The trick of making such an old plot work can be through the characters, and the film was largely successful there, even though it is not really a character driven film. Like with Thor: The Dark World (2013), Ultron gave the sense of moving along to grander things.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

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Rotten Tomatoes — 75%


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