Guardians of the Galaxy

guardians_of_the_galaxy_posterYear: 2014

Synopsis: Peter Quill, the self styled “Star Lord,” forms an unlikely alliance after stealing an unusual artifact.

A highly self-aware and fun piece of pure science-fiction, with a great cast. Downright beautiful to watch. We do not really know who these characters are, but most others in the film do not either. A sense of peril, in spite of the film’s origin story nature. More than just an introduction of another Infinity Stone. We are Groot.

Self aware to a fault at times. Given the origin story nature, it can be hard to see the main characters not surviving the story.

Easily the most fun of MCU Phase 2. The prior films of this Phase had a strong streak of seriousness, which was unfortunately most apparent in Thor: The Dark World (2013). What Guardians truly adds is how expansive the Marvel Universe really is. The Thor films up to this point do show it is a big universe, too, but there was not much in the way of extra terrestrial diversity. There is a lot happening, yet the dark plot of Thanos is peaking out of the shadows. Ultimately, I am Groot.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Official Website

Rotten Tomatoes — 91%



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