deadpool_posterYear: 2016

Synopsis: Half-crazy, wisecracking mercenary Deadpool (Wade Wilson) seeks revenge against the man that turned him into a beautifully disfigured mutant through torturous medical experimentation.

Deadpool approved. Ryan Reynolds was destined to be Deadpool, as the rest of the cast give it their all. The film was driven strongly by the meta-aware dark comedy of the Deadpool.

Fairly generic origin story and revenge plot. Given up to half the story is told through flashback, there was no strong feeling of peril. Deadpool might be too adult for some fans of comic book films.

A version of Deadpool, also played by Reynolds, appeared prior in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009), as part of a timeline negated by Wolverine in Days of Future Past (2014). This narrative fact was referenced by Deadpool himself in his 2016 film, as an example of when things go completely awry. The Origins version was indeed not really “Deadpool,” not yet, and was really “X-11.” There is, however, still a bit of a continuity conundrum here, because Deadpool seems set present day and Origins set after 1973 (Deadpool himself mentions it can be hard to keep track of the changing timelines). Maybe that was the father of the current Deadpool. Maybe it does not really matter. Deadpool is a perfect counter within the sometimes inconsistent X-Men film series.

Marvel X-Men Universe

Official Website

Rotten Tomatoes — 83%


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