Year: 2014 – Present

Synopsis: The series follows a young James Gordon of the GCPD, along with the evolution of Bruce Wayne and a variety of adversaries.

Perhaps the most expansive origin story made for the TV. The whole cast gives it their all. The writing has become quite self-aware by the fourth season. Even though we all are at least somewhat familiar with the destiny of many of the characters, there are still engaging twists and turns.

Many of the villain origin stories follow very similar paths, causing some further predictably. Can be a bit uneven on tone. Some fans of the comic might be upset by the twists in origin stories.

Like with Supernatural (2005-Present), I did not engage in the show right away. It was hearing the actors talk about their enjoyment of the show at a panel in Rhode Island that made me interested, particularly Robin Lord Taylor (Penguin/Cobblepot). It will be coming to an end in a year or so after a healthy five seasons (this review should receive an update then). Though technically a cancelation, it makes sense narratively anyway, because the show would soon just become “Batman.” I am sure many would still watch that sudo “spin-off,” and I would not be surprised if that was produced in the long run, perhaps as a recurring mini-series.

Official Website

Rotten Tomatoes
S1 — 76%
S2 — 74%
S3 — 74%
S4 — 81%
S5 — 94%


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