Years: 2005 – Present

Synopsis: The series follows monster hunters Sam, Dean, and others as they work save people and ultimately the world.

It is a show about everything at times — family, monsters, apocalypses, the good, the bad, the ugly. Not afraid to take risks, make significant or necessary changes, and make fun of itself. The storylines, usually in five season arcs, are overall tight and well executed.

While implausibly far from tired after well over a decade, one sometimes wonders how it will all end. Failure of the heroes has been nonexistent in the long run. The writers try too hard for a spin off at times, while never having one picked up.

This is a show I missed most of for the first several years of its existence. My undergrad years were just starting, and becoming involved in more shows was difficult, especially with it being just prior to having an available DVR. It did not take too long to catch up by around the eighth season or so, and, well, it was just deservedly renewed for a fourteenth season. Indeed, the show’s creators and writers arguably did their homework on prior serialized supernatural, such as Dark ShadowsKolchack: The Night Stalker, Twin Peaks, and especially X-Files, and how people were consuming such dramas into the early 2000s. It took nearly a decade for the core mystery of Mulder’s sister to be fully revealed, strangely midseason, and looking back on the show now, especially after two revival seasons, X-Files had a bit of a meandering feel. Supernatural has never been meandering in its tight writing, while the show’s continued strength is in deciphering who the monsters really are.


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Rotten Tomatoes
S1 — 64%
S2 — 100%
S3 — N/A%
S4 — 100%
S5 — 100%
S6 — 100%
S7 — N/A%
S8 — 63%
S9 — 100%
S10 — 100%
S11 — 88%
S12 — 100%
S13 — 100%
S14 — 90%


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