Captain America: The Winter Soldier

captain_america_the_winter_soldierYear: 2014

Synopsis: Captain America (Steve Rogers) and his allies learn of SHIELD’s now deep corruption and the horrible truth of the assassin known as The Winter Soldier.

Easily the best film of MCU Phase 2. The film portrays a pitch perfect conspiracy plot, reminiscent of the best suspense films of the twentieth century. The duplicitous, the brainwashed, the shocked, the angered, the whole cast does an amazing job. Captain America’s debate on sacrifices for the greater good with Nick Fury was haunting. Up to this point, no other film changed the direction of the MCU as profoundly, particularly the contemporaneous storyline of Agents of SHIELD.

The film practically changes everything, and its possible those unfamiliar with HYDRA story-arcs were not fans of this film. The overall plot is not particularly unique.

After the passable yet underwhelming Thor: The Dark World, this film delivers on the wild superhero-based entertainment. Not having read the comic books this is based on, I was put into utter shock, but in a good way. Even before the moment the Cap announced that SHIELD was no longer what we thought it was thanks to HYDRA’s deep infiltration, I found myself rethinking everything I thought the MCU was. This film showed the true colors of HYDRA: Bucky Barnes, SHIELD, governments, the tentacles were everywhere all along yet easy to miss. So much has happened in the MCU since, but much of the narrative can be traced back to this film.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

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Rotten Tomatoes — 89%


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