Thor: The Dark World

thor_-_the_dark_world_posterYear: 2013

Synopsis: Thor teams up with his adopted, often villainous brother Loki to save the universe from the Dark Elves, who seek the infinity stone known as the Aether.

Beautifully filmed with a game cast. The surreal moments with the Aether makes the dark heart of the film. Largely satisfying ending.

Lacks much of the fun and whit of the first Thor, or at least lacks much memorable humor. Seems more a vehicle for an Infinity Stone, while there is never really any sense of peril. Other than the Aether, this has a somewhat forgettable story.

Discussion: This second film in Phase 2 of the MCU had a bit to live up to. Phase 1 worked well, Iron Man 3 was a strong intro to Phase 2, and Agents of Shield started strongly. In that context, Dark World is a bit of a disappointment, becoming the Iron Man 2 of the Phase. Still, this is a more than watchable piece of science-fiction. It seems filmed in a way that assumed it would be taken on its own, even though it is overwhelmed by the overarching mythos. The film ultimately gives the sense of moving along.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

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Rotten Tomatoes — 66%

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