thor_posterYear: 2011

Synopsis: Asgardian King Odin banishes his son, Thor, to Earth in an effort to have his son prove he is worthy of his powers, his hammer, and Asgard, while Thor’s adopted brother, Loki, plots to take the throne for himself.

An entertaining take on Marvel’s Thor as aliens from across the universe. The film is perfectly cast and well acted, with the wit alone worth the price of admission. The song “Walk” by the Foo Fighters fits perfectly. Agent Phil Coulson and SHIELD becomes more clearly significant in the MCU, already appearing in prior MCU films. Makes earth feel rather small, creating an important datapoint for Avengers and many of the MCU films that came after.

Plays things safe, as there are few real surprises. Fairly standard origin story.

The film understandably gives a sense of destiny, especially in terms of the overarching narrative leading to Avengers. Earth being a speck yet major location is an interesting dichotomy and continuing conundrum within the MCU. It’s not really a bad one. Earth being significant to the history of the indifferent universe when Humans are less so is a rather Lovecraftian theme, which is a darkly welcome addition that the otherwise lighter toned Thor provides.

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Rotten Tomatoes — 77%

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