Wet Hot American Summer

wet_hot_american_summerYear: 2001

Synopsis: On the last day of summer at Camp Firewood, councilors work to capture their last chance at kindling lifelong relationships, prepare for the all important talent show, and learn the falling Skylab threatens to destroy the camp.

Nostalgic satire at its best. The whole cast, including ones that would become high profile stars, are more than game for the extremely low brow silliness.

Low brow and silly to a fault. This isn’t for those looking for intelligent, critically acclaimed comedy.

This is a stupid comedy that works for those looking for stupid comedy and nostalgia. At its best, this film points out how all those summer camp films of the 1970s and 1980s were not necessarily all that good story-wise, but they all hold their own special brand of charm that fuels nostalgia later in life. Wet Hot American Summer is about bad art we all secretly love. It is no wonder it gained a cult following that led to two miniseries on Netflix.

Wet Hot American Summer (Miniseries)

Official Website

Rotten Tomatoes — 33%


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