Iron Man 2

iron_man_2_posterYear: 2010

Synopsis: Tony Stark (Iron Man) deals with his declining health, the government wanting his powered suit tech (arc reactor), and vendettas against his family and company.

Robert Downey Jr. continues to play the role with style. Tony’s father, Howard Stark, is given a greater relevance in the MCU, while Black Widow is introduced. Overall fun superhero story.

A bit less cohesive than its predecessor, as a lot seems to be going on at once. Seems overshadowed by the then upcoming Avengers film. The story itself is a bit forgettable. Also features one of the few recasting events in the MCU: Don Cheadle replaces Terrance Howard as Rhodes/War Machine.

While a decent continuation of the Iron Man story, 2 ends up being one of the more forgettable entries. It does introduce highly relevant characters and elements seen in later MCU films, particularly Black Widow/Romanoff and Howard Stark. It’s worth a viewing, but Avengers can be followed without it.

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Rotten Tomatoes — 73%


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