Iron Man

ironmanposterYear: 2008

Synopsis: Tony Stark, the billionaire-genius-industrialist-inventor-playboy of Stark Industries, builds a powered armor suit after being blown up by his company’s own weapons in the first Marvel Cinematic Universe film.

A dazzlingly fun intro to the now expansive MCU. Robert Downey Jr. is perfect as Stark/Iron Man, as the rest of the cast is more than game. Just about every element of this continues to be important for the overarching series. As someone that never read he comics, I was pleasantly surprised when the true antagonist was revealed.

Plays it a bit safe. Fairly standard origin story plot.

One of the best starts of a franchise in history, especially considering the MCU is still running ten years later! It’s also a hell of a sci-fi action film. It really transcends the old comic book film constructs, no matter how safe this plays. So much has happened since in its universe, but this film continues to stand on its own.

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Rotten Tomatoes — 94%


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