The Star Wars Holiday Special!

starwarshsAlternate Broadcast Title:
Episode IV 1/2
The Star Wars
Holiday Special

Year: 1978

Synopsis: Chewbacca, with Han Solo in tow, travels to see his family on Kashyyyk for Christmas Life Day, while his family deals with imperial soldiers.

Only aired once. There is a followable plot. First, possibly official appearance of fan-favorite Boba Fett in the only truly watchable element story-wise.

More confounding than entertaining. Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford in oddly colored makeup. Harvey Corman as an alien female cook; Harvey Corman as a lovelorn alien that pours drinks into the top of his head. This film (?) never justifies its own existence. So much less than the sum of its parts. While it was normal for the time, the Boba Fett sequence’s animation style honestly looks terrible for today’s standards, and the sequence was perhaps more random than the other subplots. Seriously, Han Solo’s chin was not that big, and C-3P0 is not that bendy!

“It’s not every day you see the stupidest thing you’ve ever seen,” RiffTrax. I’ve never been sure what exactly this was. A cash grab? An interest stimulator? A producer’s mortgage payment? I’m not sure anyone truly wants to know anymore. Much surrounding the production seems vague, as is its present status in the cannon. This was not really George Lucas’ idea, yet he largely dictated the plot to the writers. Lucasfilm barely even seems to acknowledge its existence anymore, and remarkably allowed Rifftrax to release a VOD of the thing with RiffTrax’s already available commentary.

What is interesting present day is how VHS and ultimately the internet saved this monstrosity from oblivion. It is now on the opposite side of the spectrum from the internet-echoed negative reactions to The Last Jedi. I’m not really sure why, but time seems a major factor toward its continued existence. The Holliday Special is now remembered as a bizarre kind of special moment, even though it was pretty terrible. No matter how much I personally enjoyed it, the harsh and direct Last Jedi is still fresh in memory, and time shall irrevocably alter the impression of it.

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