All the Money in the World

all_the_money_in_the_worldYear: 2017
Synopsis: A film based on the events surrounding the kidnapping of John Paul Getty III, the grandson of super wealthy oil tycoon John Paul Getty, Sr.

An engrossing film based on real life events. Christopher Plummer gives a perfect performance of a man of unfathomable wealth Getty, Sr. The rest of the cast also give it their all.

Can feel slow at times, and seems ironically small scale in its way. Some liberties were taken to dramatize the real events. Like The Disaster Artist, this is a film a bit overshadowed by Hollywood’s now fully exposed underbelly of sexual harassment. The recasting of old Getty with the brilliant Plummer may have been a stroke of luck, but it can become a distraction of how and when Spacey was edited out. The meme of replacing Spacey with Plummer notwithstanding.

The film is unprecedented in ways it never should have been. Actors get replaced for one reason or another, but not only was it for Spacey’s continued harassment, but also after the film was largely completed. No one would have seen this if Spacey was still Getty, so it was the only option. Beyond all that, one always wonders why liberties are taken when putting actual events to film. Sure, were dealing with truncating days, months worth of an event into two hours, but the changes often seem debatable. Here, it was skewed more to the negative, because it seemed to add unnecessary action to an otherwise excellent drama.

Rottent Tomatoes — 78%

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