The Disaster Artist

thedisastorartistteaserposterYear: 2017
Synopsis: A film about the troubled production of the unintentional comedy The Room

A near pitch-perfect, comedic film about the making of a bad film. The Room was a gloriously successful disaster. The characters in Disaster are all easy identify with in their near impossible push to create a career for themselves, and by proxy, it makes the real life people understandable.

A bit overshadowed by the accusations against Franco. As the film is about the independent side of Hollywood, the accusations silently and unfortunately add another layer to the film.

I truly came out of this film with a strong understanding of who the real life people portrayed were. Wiseau is someone that no longer sees his life prior to coming to America as important; Sestro saw vision in Wiseau. They all are truly passionate about what they do. Like Ed Wood before it, this is a film about perseverance hilariously.

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Rotten Tomatoes— 91%
The Film’s Website

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