Years: 2017 –
Synopsis: The powerful mutant son of Charles Xavier (Professor X), David Haller, learns his life is a lie thanks to the sadistic Shadow King

Horrifically surreal, well acted, and well written. This show is so dark at times that one might think this is from the DC Universe, as Deadpool might muse. Legion/David may be the most interesting character from X-Men. He wants to do good, but is capable of more destruction than most mutants. The most interesting element about the writing, though, is that sometimes you don’t want to know the truth when the Shadow King is pulling strings. The dread and despair this villain creates might be an unconquerable power.

An unreliable narrator mixed with surreal implementation might make it hard for some to jump into this.

Perhaps the best Marvel has on television. That might be because of its independent zeal. Yes, it is connected to the X-Men Universe, but unlike the Marvel Cinematic Universe films and shows, Legion is not necessarily part of some overarching apocalyptic storyline. Legion is a lone wolf of a series and character, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Rotten Tomatoes —
S1 — 90%
S2 — 91%
S3 — 92%

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